Saturday at #BlogHer12…#Smores #GettingGorgeous #PopCapGamesup?

I bought my #BlogHer12 ticket as soon as #BlogHer11 ended. I wasn’t going to be caught without a way to connect at BlogHer. Now finding a way to get to BlogHer was another story. I knew my plans would come together somehow.

I had planned to take the train up on Thursday morning, but reconsidered. Getting up at 0 dark 4 a.m. and expecting to be awake for a full day of PathFinder at BlogHer 12 was looking unrealistic. So I booked the BoltBus and found a room at the Sheraton and I was all set. Oh, and bonus…the bus was much cheaper than the train. How Amtrak stays in business is anyone’s guess.

My hotel room was booked courtesy of @ohMariana’s for Thursday through Sunday. She had already contacted @CathyIsReal and @QueenMotherBlog to room with her. Fortunately all three were willing to squeeze in a fourth roommate. Thanks ladies!

You might think with 4 in a hotel room that everyone would get on each other’s nerves…quite the contrary all four of us had the best time. We each set up our suitcases in different parts of the room, which worked well. Sleeping two to a bed was interesting…but doable. The best part was that we shared swag. If I had a baby or toddler items I tossed it to Bay. Anything little girly ended up in Mariana’s pile. I had an iPad app which I gave to Cathy. All three were incredibly generous to me, too, as I left with a pile of boy toys. I’m telling you very little went to waste. The only sad part is that I never took a pic of my roomies. I’m the worst BlogHer photographer!

Now I did take some pics…

Modeling Coldwater Creek Jeans at'll have to take my work for it that these were stylish jeans













Showing the #PopCapGames zombie who is boss at #GettingGorgeous













Having a moment with Zach Ephron in the and Warner Brothers suite













A peek at Hot Wheels latest Wall Tracks












Yum...S'Mores...Need I Say More...












My new specs courtesy of #rivetandsway












It wouldn't be #BlogHer if I didn't include a "Blizzard" photo...this one is for #BoxTopsforEducation













I was not sponsored to BlogHer 12…paid my own train ticket, hotel, food, and conference pass. If you would like to sponsor me at an upcoming conference, I would love to talk to you. Find out more about me here.


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