Practical Jokes and Pranks

To the best of my knowledge I have never done an April Fool’s Day prank. My kids have. We have had the “every sock in the drawer is mismatched” and the “piece of plastic over the end of the toothpaste tube.” Thanks, kids! But have I ever pulled a prank? No…not until I was contacted by Doug from — how could anyone not love this name? The prank, the prank was classic. Interested? Read about it here. I tweeted about it and got several hilariously serious comments. Classic prank.’s Doug contacted me again. You see how I used “” again. Can’t get enough of that name. Doug had something serious to talk about — a product review. Well, anyone who reads this blog knows that I am all about reviewing products!

jerky_com-pineapple-jerkyThe jerky is a thinnish slice of pineapple that has been jerkified. I’m no scientist, but the end result is a delicious, chewy treat.

If I was munching a slice of pineapple jerky while tweeting, my tweet would read: “mmmmm pineapple jerky mmmm mmmm.” I’m a wordy one that is for sure.

Want to try a couple of packs? Leave a comment with an April Fool’s Day prank…help me get a leg up on my kids next year!

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