Powering Down

What started as a busy day. Volleyball tryouts. Swim team practice. Soccer game. Ended as a lazy day.

We are all about extremes in the Musings from Me family. All go or all stop. Today was a mix of both. Busy. busy morning. Thrown in to the mix a visit to Michael’s for supplies for the boy’s Native Indian project. And a little time for me to sift and sort papers while the teen was at swim practice.

I brought the swimmer home while my husband was out and about with the volleyball and soccer players. A little vacuuming. A little lunch. A little emailing and Facebooking to catch up on work. The trio returned and our day drifted from busy to not-so-busy.

One hung out in a bedroom. One wrapped himself in a blanket to watch a movie. One took a nap. One made a half-hearted attempt to clean the bathroom and then drifted back to the computer. One got a snack.

A whole lotta nothing happened this afternoon. Oh, one did do some schoolwork and really all three did a bit of schoolwork. One headed out to chaperone a high school event.

With schoolwork and napping over, the only thing left to do was movie and dinner. Dinner was chicken nuggets and waffle fries. Movies were next. Kids were shipped off to bed. And I had the TV to myself.

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