Plumbing the Depths of the Backpack

I never had a backpack until I started college. Before college, I carried a satchel or a briefcase to school. My school required all items to be brown, so of course the briefcase was brown leather or more precisely brown pleather. I never got a new backpack each school year.

I recall having 3 school bags in 9 years of school. Previously, when I attended elementary school in England I probably had a backpack. I’m not sure what the backpack looked liked. My best guess would be plaid. I do remember getting a new lunchbox each year. You know the ones I mean, don’t you? Rectangular metal lunchboxes.

I had a plaid lunchbox of course. Another one was the Addams Family. I had maybe one other lunchbox in my early elementary school years. What was your favorite lunchbox?

BackpacksBut, back to backpacks. My kids get a new backpack about every 2 years. We used to do the new backpack every year until we had to buy several new backpacks midyear. After these unexpected mishaps — broken zips, torn plastic — we began to buy sturdier backpacks from Lands End or Nike. My daughters both used a Swiss Army Backpack from Costco for about 2 plus years each. In the end, the sheer load of books and notepads required of tweens and teens taxed the backpacks’ zips.

I’m sure I am not the only one who has unearthed a permission slip that was never turned in or found a flyer for an event that happened days ago. I have been known to get perturbed when I find important papers in the kids’ backpacks. How difficult is it for the kids to hand in forms or bring home forms to be?!?

My child’s school sent home this checklist for dealing with the “Backpack Black Hole.”

Tips for Helping Your Child Organize The Backpack

Each week parents should work with their child to:

1. Take everything out of the backpack
2. Organize binder(s) by putting papers in the correct sections
3. Read through any papers sent to you (fliers, etc.)
4. Throw away/recycle all trash
5. Check your child’s agenda book for HW from each class, missing work stamps, and notes from teacher.

In addition, children should be encouraged to write down all assignments in their agenda/calendar books.

What do you do to help your child stay organized at school?

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