Picking Winners!

Hosting giveaways is fun…hard work, but fun. Picking and contacting winners is pure joy. I have never told a winner in person, but from the e-mails back to me I can tell that 99.9% of winners are thrilled to win. And truly grateful. Of course there is that one person who responds to my e-mail with nothing more than their address. No “Thanks!” or “Awesome!” or “Excited about winning!” Perhaps these few enter so many giveaways that thanking the person hosting the giveaway is not something they can do? Or maybe these people never say thanks to the waiter to shop assistant? FWIW, always say “Thanks” to whomever is doing you a good turn. I still remind my kids. Of course my kids still forget some of the time, but when they remember I have those heartfelt, proud Mommy moments!

But, on to the winners:

H&R Block At-Home Deluxe tax program — waiting to hear from winner

Joy Berry books — 1 set for younger kids and 1 set for older kids — winners have responded to me

Walmart $25 gift cards — winners have received their cards

I need to pick winners for the:

  • Relion Thermometer and Safety 1st childproofing pack
  • Alvin & the Chipmunks BABW
  • Kodak Digital frame
  • Pearl of Wisdom Cervical Cancer
  • Joanie Leeds CD City Kids
  • Pillsbury Sweet Rewards pack
  • Casio Men’s watch
  • Casio Women’s watch

I need to post my Wanchi Ferry and Nerf giveaways. Stay tuned!

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