Managing My Schedule with the Verizon Palm Pre Plus

I’m busy! All the time! I know I am not the first and nor will I be the last mom to utter these words. Busyness is a given with moms. Period. One kid? Two kids? Three or more kids? It makes no difference how many kids I have at home or out and about. My life is busy. Soccer, karate, volleyball, swimming, homework, school events, playdates, birthday parties, and more fill every inch of my Mom wall calendar.

Verizon Palm Pre Plus BadgeI have used a wall calendar since my oldest daughter was an infant. Back then my calendar had a few doctors’ appointments, a family gathering or two, and a work-related deadline. Fastforward 14 years and three kids…my calendar is actually three calendars. I have a work wall calendar, a family wall calendar, and a callendar on my phone.

I need all three calendars. Ideally I would like to consolidate all events on the calendar on my phone. But my kids are visual learners. My kids all need to see the birthday party, school event, or family gathering written in PEN on the PAPER calendar!

I recently received a Verizon Palm Pre Plus phone to use. I was thrilled when the Verizon store sales rep transferred all my contacts AND my calendar to my new phone. I did not have to rekey any events. The Verizon Palm Pre Plus calendar can be accessed from the main screen.

The Verizon Palm Pre Plus navigation bar on the main screen features icons for the phone, e-mail, my contact list, and an arrow icon. The arrow icon allows access to a subscreen with a myriad of icons — internet, messaging, device info, an application gallery, and many, many more.

It was in the application gallery that I found Twitter. If you follow me on twitter, you know I love my Twitter and my twitter followers! If you want to learn more about the busy moms who are putting the Verizon Palm Pre phone through its paces, follow the chat at #VerizonPalmPrePlus. Busy moms need a phone that can make their lives easier.

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