#OpenSky: Come Stop By My Corner Store!

As a little girl I would walk to the corner shop with my grandmother. It was 1970-something, but really it could have been 1940. My grandmother wore a dress, high-heeled shoes, an overcoat, and a fur hat. Her shopping basket was a wicker basket or plaid shopping bag depending on the season.  I hurried to keep up with her strides as we walked to the corner shops. She did not drive. Never owned a car. Come to think of it her street was only wide enough for one car anyway.

It was Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester. There were no supermarkets. No big box stores. No large shopping malls. For large items she would take the bus in to Manchester. For everything else she shopped at the corner shops.

The shopkeepers knew her. She knew them. If she needed a new book, one of the shopkeepers would order it for her. If she wanted a particular cut of meat the storekeeper would save the cut for her. The shopkeepers saved chocolate bars for me — “the English-born America-residing granddaughter come to visit.” The shopkeepers needed my grandmother and she needed them. A win-win retail situation.

OpenSky,cornershopkeeper,new concept in shopping,storekeeper knows her stock inside and out
I was thrilled to learn that I could open my own corner shop…virtually. OpenSky is a store where I only sell products that I have touched, worked with, squeezed, and reviewed on my blog. That’s it. If I haven’t worked with the product how will I know if you will like it or not.

My selection is small but growing. Here’s what I am selling:

  • Soft, safe building blocks…limitless possibilities for designing the perfect structure for little kids.
  • Scrapbooking supplies for capturing your memories from Disney!
  • Wall stickers in the shape of a train. Win!
  • and more

Come check my OpenSky store out. Would love it if you could pass on my link to your friends.

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