Not Me Monday

I’m not sitting here in a stained shirt I slept in…Not me.

I have not just ignored two calls from my mother…so that I can hop on to a conference. I would never do that. Right?

I did not just brush my teeth and look at a toothpasty sink and say “Oh, I’ll have one of the kids clean the sink.” Nope, not me.

I don’t have lint, glitter from tinsel, and dustbunnies in many, many crevices and nooks and crannies up and down my house. I am such a good housewife.

I categorically do not have no idea what I will make for dinner.

I did not just wolf down tortilla chips (organic!) and salsa (organic, too!) and call it lunch. All washed down with a swig of decaff instant Folgers coffee with milk that had been sitting on the counter since 8:30. Not….ewwww…

Submitted for Not Me Monday!

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