I Heart Southwest

I posted this over at DC.CityMommy.com, but wanted to post it here as well…

Can I just say how much I adore Southwest? I flew Southwest to and from Houston for a Mommy Blogging Conference (Mom 2.0). I was initially worried about not having an assigned seat. I don’t fly regularly, but when I do it is long haul flights with my family — we always have pre-assigned seats. In fact, we book in advance to make sure we have window seats for our kids or aisle seats if we are traveling with grandparents.

I am not sure if you are familiar with Southwest. Your boarding group (Group A or B) and assigned boarding number (1-15) is determined by when you check in. I was Group A for one flight, and Group B for the other flights. None of the flights were full, so I was able to get a seat and find a space in the overhead bin to store my suitcase.

The flight attendants were very attentive. One free drink per person with water distributed on longer flights. Peanuts and crackers given out as well. Two free bags per person.

I flew to Houston on my own dime, so I researched flights thoroughly. I could not find a cheaper fare than Southwest for a BWI to Houston Hobby flight. I managed to snag a “Wanna Buy It” cheaper than normal fare since I was flexible about arrival and departure times. Yay Southwest!

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