No Child Should Have To Go Hungry…Ever

Hunger. I never think about. Oh, I’ve certainly been hungry before. I could definitely afford to ignore those hunger pains, but have I ever experienced true hunger? No, not even close.

There was always food in the fridge during my childhood. I never recall skipping a meal. I always had a lunch at school either a hot lunch or a bagged lunch. We may not have eaten out very much, but there was always food in my home. Not so for many children in our nation.

Right now Members of Congress are working on a reauthorization of the Farm Bill. Why is this important? Well, the Farm Bill provides funding for the SNAP Program and the SNAP Education Program. SNAP is a federal nutrition program and stands for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. On the table in front of legislators are drastic cuts for the Farm Bill.

What is even more critical is that almost half of the SNAP participants are children. If Congress makes cuts to this bill, millions of children and families will be affected. And really no child should have to go hungry. Ever.

As parents we want to do everything we can for our children. We want to provide: food, shelter, clothing, education, and so much more. While our children may not have to worry about their next meal, many children do. We live in tough economic times. The following infographic from Share Our Stregth is a good illustration explaining what is going on:

Members of Congress are working to reauthorize the Farm Bill, legislation that provides funding for the SNAP program and for the SNAP education program. Drastic cuts to SNAP are on the table for the Farm Bill, and nearly half of all SNAP participants are children.

If Congress cuts funding for this poverty relieving program, it will affect millions of children and families, leaving them even more vulnerable to hunger. As one of the wealthiest nations in the world, we cannot afford to let our children go hungry. Ensuring our children have enough to eat must be a priority for our nation.

Here’s what you can do to help. You can visit to send a message to Congress, share your story, or make a pledge.


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