Nerf Football: A Must-Have and a Giveaway

The Nerf Football sits in the palm of your hands. It is lightweight, squishy, and ready-to-throw. The Nerf football is sure-fire throwing object. In whatever direction you throw it, the Nerf football will meet its target. Ready. Aim. Fire.

Our first Nerf was an NFL football. We tried to find a Redskins football, but had no luck. Our search began when the Redskins were doing well. Now…I suspect a Redskins Nerf football might be hard to find. Or, is a Redskins football even manufactured by Nerf? Eeek. I’d better not ask my die-hard Redskins loving husband! We had to settle for a Nerf NFL football. All three children played with that football. It has weathered many a storm, but is shredding and peeling and in need of replacing.


As the fabric of the football continued to disintegrate, I got the call asking if I wanted to review a new Nerf football. I did not have to be asked twice if I wanted to review the Nerf Weather Blitz Football. I was intrigued by the idea of a Weather Blitz football. Anyone with kids will know that it is the goal to keep all toys in pristine condition, but the reality is that toys will be left outside in all-weather conditions. We have had balls that have met the fate worse than death — death by lawnmower. Balls that have been left outside to disintegrate due to water and sun damage. Could a Nerf football survive the wilds of our backyard?

The Nerf N Sports Weather Blitz Pro All Conditions Football was put through its paces. We played with it after a rain storm turned parts of our yard in to a mud puddle. The Nerf football was left outside numerous times. I almost rolled over the football with my minivan…I noticed the football before driving over it. Note: Not even a Nerf football can withstand the power of the Mom’s Taxi!

The Nerf N Sports Weather Blitz Pro All Conditions Football plays in all weathers. Wind. Cold. Rain. Wet. You name it we played in it. The football has a special technology that gives this ball a water-resistant surface for extreme performance, grip, and durability even in the toughest rain or sleet.

My son was a fan of the Nerf N Sports Weather Blitz from the moment he opened the package up. My husband? Well, he would have preferred any other team on the football than the Dallas Cowboys! Oh well!

Want to try a Nerf N Sport Weather Pro Blitz All Conditions Football? Yes! Leave a comment. One comment – one entry. Enter now!

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I was given a Nerf Football as part of my review. The views expressed in the article are my own. The giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. The giveaway ends June 7, 2010, at 11:59 p.m.

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