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I’m not an adventurous diner nor am I a great cook. However, I do like to try new things. I have a need to experience different cultures through food. I also like finding boxed meals that have all the “flavor profiles” of a complicated dish, but none of the hassle of cooking from scratch. Do you like how I slipped in a Top Chefism? Just wait I’ll start talking about ceviche and saucing a plate. Wait, I’m not a cook, so that will never happen. 

I came across a coupon for Near East (Thanks to my good friend Janine and the BuzzCooperative). Near East has a range of products, including Pearled Couscous, which bring the elegance of Mediterranean cuisine straight to the kitchen. Made with all-natural ingredients, Pearled Couscous is a quick, healthy side dish that kids love – perfect for the beginning of the school year as schedules become full of new activities.  

In addition, Near East offers 30 different flavors and varieties of rice pilaf, couscous and other grain dishes that consumers love. Couscous is traditionally served under a meat dish or as an accompaniment to a vegetable stew but it can also be eaten alone, flavored or plain, warm or cold, as a dessert or a side dish.  

Coupon available for you, too! You can save $1.00 on any two  Near East offerings at Near_East, including the new Pearled Couscous flavors that run at about $2.70 per box.   Near East products are available at Whole Foods and other grocery stores nationwide.

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