National Mom’s Nite Out

So, do you get out regularly with your fellow mom friends? Happy Hour? Mom’s Night Out? Book Club?

I used to get out once or twice a month with my Mommy friends when my oldest was a baby. Coffee at Dunkin Donuts/Starbucks. Book Club. Birthday dinners. Scrapbooking nights. But then I had a second child and a third child. And as quickly as the children arrived my social life ground to a halt. Kaput.

It’s like there is a hierarchy. One kid = many opportunities to go out and socialize as Dad only has to look after one kid. It’s easier to get one kid ready for a night in with dad. Two kids = More difficult and more emotionally challenging as invariably one kid will want to stay with Dad and one kid will want to go with you…Mommy guilt trip, but still doable. Three kids = give up…the night out will either happen with a great deal of work on your part or it is simply not worth it to schedule, plan, and do it…too exhausting.

Don’t get me wrong I love a night out with my Mom friends. And, I do get to go out, but it does take planning. Coach Dad is very willing to stay at home with kids — they have their little “Daddy and Me” routine…dinner and a round of Looney Tune cartoons.

Add in coordinating a Mom Nite Out with the complicated schedule of children’s activities. I’ve had conversations with friends that went like this:

Me: I can do Monday, but not Tuesday or Friday.
Friend #1: Well, I’m not good Monday, but Thursday works.
Friend #2: Oh, the only night I can is Tuesday.
Me: Let’s do a conference call.

So are you going out for Mom’s Nite Out on May 7th?

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