Mom-o-matic: I Want One, Now!

People — I need the Mom-o-Matic! I say the same thing over and over again each day. I’m a walking repeat-o-matic. I’m a broken CD. Can you imagine not having to say the following phrases each day?

  • Pick up your bath towel.
  • Did you brush your teeth?
  • Where is your homework?
  • Don’t leave the table until dinner is over.

If you had the Mom-o-Matic all you would need to do is push a button and your kids would obey… O.K. the device for getting your kids to obey is an electric collar or a stun gun, but you get the picture.

From the Mom-o-Matic description on Chronicle_Books website…. Moms: are you sick and tired of saying the same thing over and over and over again? Let the Mom-o-Matic do the dirty work for you! With six key phrases that you can unleash at any moment, the Mom-o-Matic allows you to keep the peace, draw the line, be good cop and bad cop—all while catching up on some important TV reruns. Ergonomically designed for the “grip of rage,” the handsome audio module with speaker fits in the palm of one’s hand or—conveniently for parents on-the-go—on your key chain. Being a parent may seem hard—until you’ve used the Mom-o-Matic! Instruction manuals and batteries included. Use as directed.

Red Barron is a formerly frantic but now totally-in-the driver’s-seat father of two who lives in San Francisco.

The key chain-sized Mom-o-Matic sells for $12.95 at Chronicle_Books

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