My Two Cent’s Worth on Brands and Bloggers

I am a Brand Ambassador for GH Moms and The View. I am a Fishful Thinking Ambassador.

I’m not a daytime TV watcher, so I had to remind myself to turn on the TV. I watch most shows late at night, which means I watched most of the shows I was supposed to watch on DVR. If you followed me on twitter I was the one tweeting about last night’s General Hospital the next night. So confusing, but it worked for me.

I got to watch both shows and tweet about them at a time convenient for me. I tweeted and wrote a few posts over the course of the Ambassadorship. I knew many of the #ghmoms and #theviewmoms, but met others during the programs. Love finding new people to follow.

Here’s my two-cent’s worth on brands and bloggers and ambassadors…

  • A brand ambassador program should be fair to the blogger.
  • Let the blogger know all the urls links, facebook, and twitter.
  • Bloggers need to be armed with enough information to be the best brand ambassadors.
  • Provide a dedicated website with information, press releases, images.
  • Images! It is SO much easier to have an image bank to choose images from. I am not a photographer so my photos are more of the snap shot variety. Good images are helpful.
  • Provide access code for bloggers to give to their readers.
  • Send e-mail reminders. Many bloggers are over extended and could use a reminder.
  • Brands should be clear in their requirements for bloggers.
  • Providing money to bloggers for ambassadorships is a good idea!
  • Signed contract is a good idea for anything involving money.
  • Time spent while an ambassador is considerable. If on twitter, I tweeted multiple times were day. If blogging, I spent 30 minutes per post writing and promoting. If reviewing, I took time to review each product.
  • Number one point I want to make: Pay bloggers to be brand ambassador.

Bloggers will do so much for free, but we need to be paid. As you know we have no union as our industry is still so new. No brand is paying $0 for advertising on TV. Now, if the project was philanthropic in nature I would not expect to be paid. But, for a long-term project some for of payment to bloggers is helpful.

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