My Rant To Verizon!

I spent Friday night in a panic. The phone bill was buried on the kitchen table. The deadline for the bill was Friday. I knew I needed to pay the bill. It was too late to pay by phone, so paying online was my best option. Except that the Verizon website is set up so that you have to keep logging in and out of your account. I never did find the screen to do online bill paying. After a frustrating hour I gave up. On Saturday morning I assumed I would call Verizon and get the bill paid/ And you guessed it more frustration. I never spoke to a human operator using the phone number on the phone bill. Grrr.

This is what I wrote to Verizon in their complaint page.

I would like to find the twitter account for Verizon Service and Verizon Bill Paying. I know that Verizon is @Verizon.

I have a serious complaint with the way Verizon handles paying online and over the phone. There is no way to have a question answered by a HUMAN if you have a billing question.

I am currently on hold trying to pay my bill over the phone:

Just off hold. Finally found a HUMAN person to answer my billing question — I want to pay my bill online. Lacey saved the day!! LACEY was my customer service operator! She stayed on the line with me as I navigated the labyrinthian mess that is BIZMATRIX. Thank you, LACEY!!

Last night (5/28) I was unable to pay my bill online. I kept getting a message that I needed to log out to log in again. I logged out then logged in but never got to a location where I could pay my bill online. I gave up at midnight. My bill was due 5/28. I was hoping to pay online and not incur a late fee. COULD NOT PAY ONLINE.

This morning I tried to pay over the phone. I called 1-800-837-4966. I was unable to pay online even though I pressed Billing then tried Payment. I eventually hung up. FRUSTRATING.

I tweeted to @Verizon. No response,  I tweeted to my 6200 followers. Why is it so hard to find the Verizon Twitter accounts online? If I tweet to @Verizon the person manning the account will help me, but why can’t I find the twitter account for Verizon service or billing online??

Do you know how I finally got to a LIVE operator at Verizon? I’ll tell you how. I found the number at!! How sad is that that I had to go to a site that is not a VERIZON site to find a VERIZON phone number.

Bill is paid on the phone at BIZMATRIX thanks to LACEY.

I would appreciate a response — to this message — from a HUMAN person not a BOT!

I wonder whether I will hear from Verizon or not. I’ll keep you posted.

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