CityMommy Rolls Out Two New Cities!

Joining a moms group can be the difference between feeling isolated and feeling connected. Moms groups provide a place for moms to connect, vent, exchange information, whine (a little), and feel validated for the job they do. Whether the moms group is in your neighborhood or through your church or even online, the spirit of community is priceless.

For over two months I have had the pleasure of working with CityMommy. I recently became the Community Manager for DC CityMommy. I co-lead the DC – MD – VA site with Rachel. is online network for moms who live in DC, MD, and VA. DC CityMommy is part of the national site: On DC CityMommy I post topics of interest for moms in all stages — some moms are dealing with newborns, some with a pair of toddlers, some are in the school stage. Whatever the stage, as moms we need a place to vent, find answers, meet friends, and connect.

CityMommy is excited to announce the launch of CityMommy Tulsa!

If you know anyone in the Tulsa area, please invite them to:

Or contact us for more information at

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