My Morning Routine…zzzzzzzzz

Husband tells me it is time to wake up…I sleep like the dead. I lie in bed until 6:20 a.m. when I know I need to get up or kids will be late for school. I get up and stagger to bathroom to brush my teeth. Teen and tween are already up getting dressed, brushing teeth, brushing hair (tween needs to be reminded to brush her hair so she brushes her hair downstairs), and changing clothes (both are in middle school so fashion is top priority).

While teen and tween are finishing getting dressed. I make 3 lunches (my son is in elem school) and breakfast for the teen and tween. Breakfast is cereal or toaster strudel, with OJ, milk, or hot chocolate. I microwave water for the hot chocolates and make myself an instant coffee.

Tween and teen come down. Gobble breakfast. run around finding misplaced items. Look for missing shoes. Find shoes, then must search for backpacks. Race out the door with me following behind handing them coats, lunchboxes, and clarinets. Bus leaves ~ 7 a.m.

I come back inside and drink my now-cold coffee. I reheat in microwave. At this point my son is either downstairs clamoring for breakfast OR he is still asleep. If he is still asleep I will grab a quick nap on the couch. If he is awake and ready to go I will make breakfast AND make myself another cup of coffee.

My son eats breakfast, plays with Lego, then puts on his shoes and coat. His bus comes around 8 a.m. Once he is on the bus I breath a huge sigh of relief and drink my now-cold coffee. Reheat and repeat!

My morning in pictures!

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