My Love of Books #BlogHer

Books make my day. Books force me to take time for myself. Books are a refuge from the craziness.

Some days I need a way to escape. I used to escape in to the internetI found the Scholastic event to be the right mix of information, food, and swag. Books are a hit in our house. The Scholastic team is very zany. Each one came out to their own theme song.

Miss Frizzle and the Magic School Bus….AKA a bumpy ride on a yellow school bus to and from the event was cute. I laugh when I think back to my 1-year-old watching the Magic School ┬áBus. She was far too young to comprehend the science and nature concepts, but I had not yet discovered Disney or Nick.

I spent my daughter’s first full year watching gavel to gavel Sunrise news followed by Good Morning America followed by Regis and Kathy Lee and finally the awful George and Alana…yes that would be a talk show with George Hamilton and his ex-wife Alana, then/now? married to Rod Stewart. The sole purpose of watching these shows? I stayed awake. I was literally bored to tears, but at least I wasn’t falling asleep while my daughter crawled toward mischief. I was in a rut where I worked while my daughter was asleep and stayed awake when she was awake. My husband covered the evenings, but there were times when talking a shower seemed overwhelming…I couldn’t spare the time. I was a walking and sometimes talking zombie.

As my daughter approached her first birthday, I switched the channel to PBS. It wasn’t called PBS Kids back then…it was simply morning TV for all ages of kids. From the Teletubbies to Thomas to the Magic Tree House to shows like “KidSongs” that are no longer on the air.

PBS shows gave my baby something to look at — even if she didn’t understand what she was watching — while I struggled to stay awake. As she approached two, I found a morning preschool for her, which met two mornings a week. Form 2 onwards, she watched a little less TV, but PBS was always a favorite of hers.

What is your favorite PBS kids’ show?

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