My Job Chart: Teaching Kids to Work

If you are like me, you will have days where everything works like clockwork. Kids get to school on time. Work assignments and meetings go as planned. Dinner is on the table. Chores are done. And then there are the days when nothing goes right. In our house, if mom forgets to do her chores…the kids will forget to their chores.

Our house does not run like a well-oiled machine, but we sputter and putter along. If one kids forgets to Swiffer the floor and another kid avoids loading the dishwasher and mom avoids folding laundry for a day or two..let’s just say the result is not pretty and leave it at that, shall we?

Recently, I started a My Job Chart for all three children at It was straightforward. I created a section for each child listing their job plus the reward for doing the chore.

My Job Chart is a FREE online Chore Chart that teaches kids to work in a fun and productive way. Using an easy and fun online system, My Job Chart inspires kids to do their chores on time. An interactive point system tracks your child’s progress, creating excitement and enthusiasm among kids. And the fully customizable chore chart allows you and your child to decide upon mutually determined rewards, fostering communication and developing responsibility. You even get an email or text message when your kids finish their chores or they earn a reward!

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