Late to the Glee Party

I have a history of not jumping on the bandwagon or catching a show a season or two in. Lost. 24. American Idol. And now Glee.

I saw the tweets. I love the blonde-haired cheerleader coach from all the Christopher Guest movies. I don’t watch network TV live. I occasionally watch if I DVR it, but often the shows I DVR are more likely to be found on the Discovery Channel or Bravo or A&E. I’m an Intervention and Hoarders and Hoarders: Buried Alive devotee.

After watching part of one episode of Glee I am hooked. So are my girls. I discovered both are watching Glee on How funny is that? I — the socially media, internet connected mom that I am — thought that hulu was a paid service. The tween and teen schooled me!

Here’s a clip from Glee:

Speaking of Glee… 5 Minutes for Mom and Dove are hosting a twitter party for Glee and the new Dove line of hair care products. The Dove Twitter party for Glee will be Wednesday, May 5th from 7:00-8:30 PM EST. The party will be a chance to celebrate why beautiful hair makes Dove and Glee fans want to sing! The launch of new, reinvented Dove Hair Care with a chance to win sold out Glee Tour tickets, have questions answered by cast member Lea Michele, and other great Dove Hair and Glee prizes.

The part will be on Twitter, using the #dovegleeforall hashtag. Follow @5MinutesforMom, @Dove,  and @Rocket_XL.

RSVP at 5 Minutes for Mom.

Glee Tour Dates

May 15th — 7:30pm
May 16th — 11:30am

Los Angeles
May 20th — 8:00pm
May 21st — 8:00pm
May 22nd — 2:00pm
May 22nd — 8:00pm

May 25th — 7:30pm
May 26th — 7:30pm

New York City

May 28th — 8:00pm
May 29th — 3:00pm
May 29th — 8:00pm
May 30th — 3:00pm
May 30th — 8:00pm

I was not compensated for this post. I am promoting the site as a 5MinutesforMom reader and new Glee watcher!

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