My First Tweet

Am I cutting edge? Yes…and no. As far as social media, I was an early adopter. Got my first twitter account in June 2008. I wasn’t even working in social media. At the time I knew no one who had a twitter. I’d heard about twitter and HAD to know more.

Those first few months on Twitter, I was a follower. BIG TIME. I followed everyone. It wasn’t until a few months had passed that I realized that if you follow too many people you hit follower limits. So I had to unfollow people. What a laborious process! One step forward, two steps back. Eight years in to twitter and I’m over 11,200 followers. Sounds good, right? But I know I could do better at more “focused following.”

I always thought that I started my Facebook before Twitter. Not so. I didn’t start my Facebook until August 8, 2008. Looking back at my timeline, I see that I found quite a few local friends who were already on Facebook and reconnected with some English relatives who were very early adopters.

As for other social media sites…I was early-to-the-party for some and late-to-the-game for others.

  • YouTube…November 12, 2008. My first video is AWFUL. New to the product review game, I had asked the assistant manager of a local supermarket if I could take video. He told me to call the manager the next morning. Instead, I filmed standing very close to the hot dogs.
  • Google+…November 14, 2011.
  • Instagram…May 27, 2012.

Dude!   A photo posted by Jill Berry (@musingsfromme) on

  • Pinterest…no clue. Could not find when I joined or when I created my first board.
  • tumblr…early adopter, but can’t find join date.

I have accounts on a number of other sites. I’m not a frequent poster, but want to be.

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