My Daughter Is The Creative Type

My 12-year-old is one of those creative types who can do anything with construction paper, scissors, and tape. What is her creation above? A drink cup/hat/storage container. of course.
As a small child she would make cartoon books out of a pad of post-it notes. I recall finding a pad of postit notes, realizing she had written on every single note and wondering whether to praise her creativity or rant at her wastefulness. She cannot be stopped. Creativity can not be stopped.
She is the most resourceful kid…person in our family. She has never said she was bored…truly, I am not exaggerating this one. My other two are much more needy for my attention; my 12-year-old thrives on down time. When she was little, I would often send her to her room for misbehavior. I soon realized that a bedroom timeout was of no use to her. Her timeout spot became the step…she hated it as she did not have access to her crafts and cotton wool balls.
Now that she is 12 and on the verge of “teenagedom,” I cling to these moments. In a few years she will not want to hang out around the kitchen table doing crafts.

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