Clothes Shopping Is Not My Idea of Fun

I am in need of new clothes since I discovered that many of my shirts have some form of permanent stain…since I realized that I don’t fit in to any long-sleeved shirts…since I hate what is left iny wardrobe. So, I have thought about a trip to buy clothes. Thought about it, dreaded it, contemplated it.
Today was the day… As I left the health club…that is twice this week for those that are counting…I pointed my car in the direction of Kohl’s. I planned on looking, but not committing to anything. Didn’t want to be too hasty, now.
After a couple of quick stops, I made it to Kohl’s. Once in the store, I headed to MY department, and by “my” I mean the department I am left with no choice, but to shop at, since I had 3 pregnancies with no morning sickness. So, I browsed through the racks, rooted through the sale items, frowned at the hideousness of anything with sequins or rhinestones, and was about to give up when I spotted a blouse, not covered in flair. Then, I found three passable T-shirts, one long sleeved.

No, this isn’t the shirt I purchased,
but it is representative of fugliness I saw.
I was just sorting through my purchases when I spotted a lady in her 70s buying the same T-shirts. Lord help me. All I could do was purchase my garments and leave. What a buzz kill!

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