Musings on Thursday Nights

Thursday nights are rushed…and that’s an understatement. Kids get home from school at 2:50 and 3:20. The homework/snack/tantrum for 5-year-old/”can I play wii”/”why can’t I play wii”/”what shall I make for dinner”/”why didn’t I start dinner earlier”/”put your swimsuit on”/”we need to leave NOW!” make for a crazy 1.5 hours.

But, tonight was a symphony of organization. I started dinner at 3:30. I cooked from scratch. We ate on time. We left on time. We arrived at swimming on time. My son was the second kid to arrive, rather than the second to last.

I got in a quick workout while he swam. We had a mini change in routine — usually I take my son into the family bathroom so he can shower. The problem is that he is “Mr. Go Slow” while I am “Ms Speedy Gonzalez.” Today I let him shower on the pool deck and then change in a changing room. He liked the chance to do something on his own and I didn’t get irritated with the little guy. Good growing up moment!


Minirant on how expensive groceries are. I spent $71 on what? Milk, OJ, 2 loaves of bread, bagels, yogurts, 2 peaches, liners for crockpot, can of beans, tortillas, and a few other things. The rub I did not buy any dinner food, only perishables.


Took the virtual plunge… Did what I said I was not ready to do. So, what did I do — I added my blog to my Facebook page. So, why is this so blog worthy? Well, I have maintained a separation of blog and IRL. I wonder if Facebook friends will stop by and check me out??


Conversation overheard in van on way home from swimming:

Me: O.K. guys I need to concentrate on the road since it is icy and dark. I need you both to be quiet.

Two minutes later…

Son: Mommy, where are we going after this?

Me: I thought I told you needed to be quiet.

One minute later…

Daughter: Mommy, I think we need to get my friend a birthday gift.

I kid you not this is my life with my kids. Do they ever listen to me? I wonder at some times.

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