Musings on Thanksgiving

After Thanksgiving dinner...

After Thanksgiving dinner...

As a former foreigner, I now claim Thanksgiving as a my holiday.

As a child Thanksgiving was celebrated intermittently. When in America, do as the Americans do.

As a freshman in college, far away from home I was taken in by English friends of my parents. I trekked from Amish Country PA to Edison, NJ, via taxi and train. My memories of Thanksgiving involve dozing off repeatedly on my host’s couch — too many all-nighters. Eating a deli sandwich that was easily 6 inches tall. Attending a Thanksgiving feast at the Jewish day school where my host worked. Sampling a stuffing biscuit that resembled and tasted like a hockey puck at the feast. Thanksgiving dinner? I have no recollection of eating it…possibly because I slept through it? I did visit my old elementary school while I visited — Menlo Park Elementary School. My 4th grade teacher was at school working…Mrs. Flood remembered me as there were not many kids who transferred out of school mid-year to go back to England.

As a new college graduate, I spent Thanksgiving shuttling between my parents who moved to MD while I was in college and my in laws house. My parents did Thanksgiving lite, while my in laws did Thanksgiving on steroids. Turkey large enough to feed 20…sweet potato casserole with marshmallows on tops…stuffing biscuits not like¬†hockey pucks…pies (pumpkin, apple, pecan, and always a layer cake. The in laws do not mess around with their food when it comes to Thanksgiving.

As a mom and a noncook, I don’t mind not cooking Thanksgiving dinner. This year we celebrated at my parents house with a meal purchased from Safeway — yum and very labor saving. My in laws were sick so we had to miss the Thanksgiving dinner.¬†My FIL brought part of the meal to our house so we wouldn’t go without.

I wonder what Thanksgiving will be like next year…or when the kids are in college…or when the kids get married…

One tradition will remain…I will always be thankful that I am an American citizen!

What was your Thanksgiving like? Leave a comment and let me know.

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