Musings on Kids Sports, Kids Sports, and More Kids Sports

I read a post at on a 3-year-old playing in his first basketball clinic. Firemom’s post brought back memories of my own kids and their experiences with kiddie sports. All three learned valuable lessons and skills from playing sports. I wrote this comment…

I like your approach to sports. I have two girls who now play on travel volleyball teams. We just attended a huge tournament in D.C. — 4,000 teen volleyball players at the D.C. Convention Center!

I well remember those early years of T-ball, soccer, and basketball. I let my girls play the sports and decide if they wanted to continue or not. I also let them do Brownies, piano, gymnastics, and dance. It sounds like a lot, but we did not do everything every semester. Also, in the preschool and early elementary school years, homework is fairly low key. Now that my girls are 5th and 7th grades I am grateful that one does volleyball, swimming, and clarinet, and the other does volleyball and

My son is 5. He did a soccer clinic in preschool, and now that he is in kindergarten he plays rec soccer and rec. basketball. It will be interesting to see what sport he gravitates to.

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