Musings on Consigning Kid’s Clothes and Toys

Why do I like consigning?

The plus about consigning clothes is that once the consignment shop accepts the clothes they are repsonsible for selling them. With ebay and etsy you are required to ship out items and manage auctions and sales. I’ve consigned my maternity and children’s clothes since 2005.

By trial and error I have a system for what a consignment shop will take. Here’s my system:


– Wash all clothes. If clothes have stains, don’t give to consignment shop. My consignment shop owner will hold clothes up to the light to check for stains.
– Keep outfits together. Shirt, tie, pants, belt for little boys. Dress, bag for girls.
– Wash sneakers in washing machine. Allow to air dry.
– Put clothes on plastic hangers not wire hangers. If possible, I put a Size 5 outfit on a Size 5 hanger. I keep all plastic children’s clothes hangers.
– Girl’s dress shoes need to be polished. Clean soles as well.
– Boy’s dress shoes can be a little more worn than girl’s shoes.
– Wash all toys to make sure they are free of dust. Baby wipes are great for cleaning.


– When consigning toys, find all pieces. For instance, Fisher Price castle needs knights, horses, cannon. Little People garage needs at least 2 cars with people.


– Make sure books are not worn out or taped. Board books should not be faded or chewed. Keep sets together — Junie B. Jones, Magic Tree House, The Pony Club.


– Find matching case and insert booklet.

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