Burning Car

So, today I was the walking dead. Kids off to school. Mommy off to bed. I did not sleep all day, but did have a nice snooze in the afternoon. Woke just a minute before my daughter got home. Good timing!

The nap refreshed me for the evening goings on. So, what did we have on tap you ask? A doctor’s appointment. Homework. Dinner in the crockpot thanks to my advance planning — yay me. Two volleyball practices in two different locations with a swim team meeting thrown in for good measure. I messed up. I thought the volleyball practice was 2 hours…turns out it was 1.5 hours. My whole plan of dropping Crafty Daughter off and going to my meeting and then coming back for her was derailed since her practice was finishing earlier than planned. One of the moms stepped in and took my daughter to her sister’s volleyball practice (Thanks, Michelle!). Coach Dad took both girls and Adventure Boy home. [Editor’s note: I can’t tell you the number of times I want to break down and just use everyone’s real name. It would be so much easier and yet so very un-private.]

I’m doing a blog for the swimteam. Need to get my design head in gear to doa blog header that looks good. I have some good ideas for the blog — hope I can pull it off without too much procrastination and inertia.

24 was pointless. Can someone tell me why the team of 12 nameless people were on the phone to Tony Almeida’s girlfriend. Why is the series almost over and we are only just meeting this group? Plus who is this girlfriend exactly? These questions need to be answered. STAT.

Did I tell you that on my way to get my daughter from her volleyball tournament I saw a burning car? Not just a smoldering car, but an actual flames pouring out of the car type of fire. I don’t hink I have actually seen a fire that close.

So, what’s on tap for tomorrow? Brakes need to be fixed. Uggh to a day spent at the repair shop.

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