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I’m a blogging mom with three kids: a kid, a preteen, and a teen. My preteen/tween is 11. My teen is 13. My youngest is 6. The husband is a teacher/administrator. We live between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore.

I was on TV! I did a product review piece a month or so ago DC-affiliate WUSA Channel 9:

My kids were on TV! My daughter and I were interviewed by Fox 45 Baltimore on our involvement with — a social network for kids/tweens/teens that puts safety first:

I write a blog — — this one you are now reading…look up at the title. I tweet as @MusingsfromMe. I write for 3 other websites. I promote products online through product reviews and social media campaigns.

My daughterss — 11 and 13 — both want to be online. It is hard to monitor both kids when schools require kids to check e-mail for assignments, verify their grades through online grading programs, visit teachers’ websites, research papers online, and write papers on the computer. My girls are good students, but both also like to play Webkinz or Club Penguin, surf the net, blog, and play on I have not allowed either the tween or the teen to get a Facebook page. I feel like the only mom who is holding firm on kids not getting Facebook pages.

Familytime is important. We watch movies, eat dinner toegther, and play games. My older daughters play volleyball. The middle daughter also swims yearround. The youngest plays soccer, t-ball, and swims. We spend many hours at sporting events.

How do you spend time as a family? Are your kids online? How do you feel about your kids spending time online?

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