I’m Good at Many Things, But Not…

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A long, loooonnnggg time ago, I was in charge of the checkbook. I did well with balancing the checkbook until I didn’t do well. I was removed from checkbook duty. My duties were stripped from me. I was demoted.

Between you and me, I hated balancing the checkbook. In the short time, I was in charge I never once had the checkbook balance match the bank. I was a financial disaster. It’s a good thing I’m not in charge of the US Money Reserve or anything like that!

My husband took over the family finances. He is SO much more efficient than I am. He may not always have the family budget balanced to the penny, but he knows what is in our accounts…which is more than I can say for myself!

He has now automated most of our bills. Those bills that can’t be paid online, he handles efficiently and effectively by writing a good ole check and sending by the trusty rusty handy dandy U.S. mail.

Are you the family money manager? Is your spouse? While neither my husband and I are financial people. He’s a teacher and I’m an editor. We were both English majors. My husband has more of a financial head on his shoulders. I get by…just barely. From time to time, I ask him a question about our finances that must leave him scratching his head. He must wonder how I have so little grip on our finances. At least one of us is in charge!

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