Mom on the Run Chronicles

Ta Da…this blog has a new name. Introducing: Mom on the Run Chronicles

I have thought for a while that Writing My Life One Blog at a Time is just too long for a blog title. It summed up what I wanted to say in a blog, but I needed a shorter title. I want to write about my family, offer giveaways, and do product reviews — which is really what I have been doing since I started blogging earleir this year. So, look for a review on a musical toy in the coming weeks.

Well, that’s about all for me. I need to get ready to brave the elements in search of two must-have toys for my kids: Stars Wars Millenium Falcon and High school Musical 3 Playset.

For your amusement, my family immortalized as snowmen. I kind of like how my husband and son are both wearing ties. On a recent field trip to a play on health, my son insisted that he needed to dress “fancy.” I said “no” to a tie as I did not want him to lose it, but let him wear dress pants and a shirt. I didn’t expect a boy to want to dress up for school. My daughters always wanted to wear dresses and pantyhose to school…even in really cold weather…brrr. IN the process of snowman-ing my family, I re-discovered Cafe Mom…check it out.

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