Middle School Meetings

I wrote about one type of middle school meeting here. Back-to-school night is one type of meeting, but what are other meetings?

This school year I have attended 6th grade orientation held before school started.  Back-t0-school night at two schools. A PTA meeting at both back-to-school nights. An elementary school ice cream social with community vendors. What’s on tap tonight? Fall Festival. Let’s hope it doesn’t rain!

As I look at the calendar ahead I see more and more meetings. 8th grade looks to be a huge year for meetings. High school is literally around the corner. No more putting it off. I will be forced to face the fact that I have a high school student. Yikes.

I’m unusual in the blogging community. Most moms I meet in the blogosphere have 5 and unders or at least one child 5 and under. It would be SO much easier to blog about little kids. With the bigger kids I find myself stuck on what to blog about.

My children are old enough to read. Savvy enough to not want all and sundry to read about their antics. While a todlder may have tantrum after tantrum on an almost daily basis, a big kid might go for weeks with nothing especially awful happening. And then wham you look at your teen or preteen and wonder what happened. Where is the sweet kid from the day before. I have looked at my teen and wonder if she has been possessed by someone.

Teen angst is so much more difficult to blog about. I cannot mention school names, teachers, friends drama, course load, grade reports. So what is left to blog about? Funny things the teen says and maybe a teen’s surly attitude.

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