Makes My Monday: Rosy Cheeks After Playing in the Snow

DSCN1987My teen is old for her years. 13 going on 30. Actually, not much has changed as she was 3 going on 30 not too many years ago. An old soul who would much rather read a magazine than play with her younger cousins — even though a few years ago she was the ringleader of her cousins. Voraciously reads catalogs with grandmother. Has been known to stay up past her bedroom — much to my chagrin. “Go to bed!” But, she is still a kid at heart.

How do I know this? During two recent snowfalls, she willingly got dressed in to her very unfashionable, drab snow gear so that she could play outside for hours. She ran. She shovelled. She dug forts. She snowboarded. She sunk in to the soft snow while snowboarding. She played with her brother. She threw a snowball at the snow hanging off the roof over and over again. She built a snowman.

Today she is back to grunting and pouting and being a teen, but she will always be a little kid to me.

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