Make Your Own Soda the Green Way

My family has had a checkered past with electronic appliances and gadgets.

  • After months of pestering, my dad finally agreed to get a VCR — I was about 14 and ecstatic. My dad didn’t choose a Sony Betamax or a VHS. So, what did he choose? He chose a “Video 2000.” Huh? Yes, Video 2000 was supposed to overtake both Beta and VHS in sales, but kind of fizzled.
  • I recall using a hair dryer when I was little, which was a hood attached to a long hose. You could sit and read a magazine while your hair dried. This was a good idea until the time I plugged the American hooded hairdryer directly in to an English electrical outlet. The smoke coming from the device was a tell-tale sign that all was not well.
  • I had a small hot pot in college that I used for making French onion soup. It was a useful device until I lost the electrical cord in a move.
  • When my daughter was a baby I would use the microwave as a timer when heating bottles in the bottle warmer. I would turn the microwave on for about a minute while I heated the bottle. All was well until the microwave door flew open and a bowl of fruit was knocked to the floor. Not cool to use microwave with nothing inside it.
  • My parents were the last people on the planet to get a microwave in — 2003. It’s never a good idea to make a hasty decision

One appliance that I have not thought about in years is the sodamaker we had at home — the Soda Syphon was a gift from my uncle. I remember it was a thermos shaped bottle with an aerosol cap. By turning the cap, water became soda water — mumble, mumble, chemical reaction, mumble, mumble. I have no recollection of drinking the soda water. I was a kid so the unflavored water was not tasty to me.

Fast forward to 2009…the_Sodastream_Home_Soda_Maker can turn tap water in to sparkling water. When you add a regular or diet flavor you can make sparkling soda. By making your own soda you can save money. It is a green product since you can avoid buying soda in bottles and cans.

Click on box to look at the Sodastream Soda Maker:

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