Date Night at Yanni Voices

I’m not a hermit or a shut-in by any means. But, I don’t get out much. Oh, as a mom of 3 active kids, I’m constantly on-the-go. On-the-go to swim practice, volleyball games, PTA meetings, t-ball practices, clarinet lessons, and the list goes on. But actually going out somewhere special. This happens very rarely — usually when my parents invite me to a birthday dinner.

Tonight was a very special exception for me and my husband. I’m one of the mommybloggers in the DC area promoting the Yanni Voices CD and Tour for One2OneNetwork, the Woman’s Word of Mouth Marketing Network. The CD is truly wonderful — I wouldn’t say this if I didn’t believe it.

Click the Yanni Voices widget above for an audio clip and details on the tour. Here’s my review of the YanniVoices CD.

The Yanni Voices concert was a cross between
– an introduction of 4 new stars to the music scene by Yanni — all 4 had electrifying performances.
– a stageshow of Yanni hits from today and earlier in his career — I found the arrangements of the Yanni songs with lyrics from the performers (Chloe, Leslie Mills, and Ender Thomas) to be spectacular.
– a rare showcase of both classical and modern instrumentalists — the duet by the two violinists was a highlight (one of the violinsts removed her hair ribbon to show that she was ready to rock with the other violinist) as well as a drum-off between the tradition drummer (Charlie Adams has played with Yanni for 25 years) and the Bongo drum guy. I learned that a harp can be played in an electrifying way — who knew?
– a versatile set with plenty of room for a full orchestra — 6 violins, 2 cellos, 2 guitarists, 2 keyboard players, 2 drummers, and a horn section, as well as a full set of keyboards and a grand piano for Yanni.
– a clever of projection of Roman architecture, Greek islands, and the NYC streets on a square curtain placed in front of the stage.

Backstage pass — check. Ready to meet the Yanni Voices singers — Nathan Pacheco, Ender Thomas, Chloe, and Leslie Mills.

Here’s a pic of me with Nathan Pacheco. I need to think about wearing sunscreen to t-ball games! Cute moment at the meet-n-greet was when Nathan’s Mom and brother came through to meet him. His brother was about 12-14 years old and looked so proud to be standing by his very talented big brother.

I’m chatting with Ender Thomas while my friend, Janine, chats to Nathan Pacheco. I asked Ender where he was from — he’s from Venezuela. Music has been a part of his life “forever.” He told me that his mother’s lullabies to him were a strong part of his childhood. [Fashion note to self: When wearing a black shirt use a black handbag. Thanks.]

Here’s Chloe and Leslie Mills — both are as talented onstage as they are genuine to talk to off stage. I follow both on twitter @LeslieMills and @Chloe . I told Chloe that it seemed as though Yanni was a kind of father figure to all 4 performers. She said he provided a nurturing environment for all 4 to create their music. I asked Leslie Mills where the tour was stopping next…

Reading, PA–Sovereign Center

Norfolk, VA–Constant Convocation Center

New York, NY–Radio City Music Hall

If you get the chance, check out Yanni Voices at one of their shows and check out the album. You won’t be disappointed.

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