Love Thursday: Elf + Shrek’s Puss in Boots = Compliant Mommy

When my kids want me to let them do something, they will bring out the big guns. The “mommy-cannot-say-no-to-us” move.

The move in question would be the Elf pose crossed with the Puss in Boots pose. Huh?? What?? Wait, ever seen the movie, Elf? In the scene in the department store, Elf Buddy rides an escalator for the first time. He has one foot on one step and the other foot three steps higher. He’s stretched out and grimacing.

My kids use the Elf move combined with the Puss in Boots from Shrek. Surely, you’ve seen Shrek…you know the scene…Puss in Boots wants Shrek to let him do something…Puss in Boots stands with his hands underneath his chin and holds a hat. Batting his eyelashes and sticking out his chin.

In his photo, my 10-year-old is holding a Walkie Talkie and my 5-year-old is holding a Lego Star Wars guy. Now, what did they want to do?

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