Friday Fitness — Sledding with the Family

Monday was a snow day — a blessing in disguise. A break from the hectic schedule of school, activities, homework. My husband even stayed home…woo hoo…this never happens unless it is a snow day or he is sick. One of the perks of being married to a teacher!

We have talked about taking the kids sledding for a few years now. Several issues have put the kibosh on sledding: (1) for the last two winters we have had barely any snow and (2) our yard is almost completely flat.

In fact, the last time we attempted to sled was 5 plus years ago. I was very pregnant with my son. I was wearing ski pants that I couldn’t zip and an old ski jacket of my husband’s — yep, pregnancy couture, that’s me. Because our yard is flat we walked to the top of the cul de sac and sledded (is this even a word?) on the open space in the neighborhood.

Well, I should say everyone sledded — but me. I attempted to walk up the hill, but fell in a drainage ditch. I fell over and could not get up. Think “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” I was a beached whale. I righted myself and high-tailed it for home and a hot chocolate.

This time around we all got suited up. The boy is now almost 6. The girls 10 and 13. Somehow our preteen and teen divas did not show up for work that day. It was three kids and a variety of sleds just hurtling down the hill. Not a care in the world. Mom and Dad joined in, too.
All of us worked together to create the greatest, most firmly packed sled run known to well…us.

We even found time to build a snow fort.

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