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A week or two ago I attended a brand/blogger event sponsored Silicon Valley Moms Blog and numerous brands. It was truly a day of pampering, information, and community. The best kind of day, really!

litl computer,webbook,wireless computer,cloud computing

I had the unbelievable good fortune to win a laptop computer. I was thrilled not only to win, but to try out a new type of computer.

The litl is a computer that is simple to use. Now, how often do you see the word “simple” and “computer” in the same sentence? Never, right?

Once I arrived home from the brand/blogger gathering I unpacked the computer. I was surprised at how light (weighs about 3.5 ibs) and thin the litl is. I pressed the button on the side to turn the computer on. The first screen asked me to select a wireless network. No modem or wires or cables needed — only wireless.

The second screen showed a series of boxes. Some are preset — weather, clock, and media. I got to work adding my own boxes to the litl. First up e-mail. I typed my e-mail host in to the search box at the top, hit Enter, and my e-mail popped up. I saved the box so that I can check my e-mail each time. I played around with starting and deleting and rearranging the boxes on the screen. Next up I added boxes for the kids…PBSKids, Webkinz, and Yoursphere. Facebook for Coach Dad and me.

No more Windows with folders and subdirectories on top of other folders and yet more directories jamming the screen. Can you say clutter? My laptop AND desktop computer screens (and hard drives for that matter) are a cluttered jumbled mess. And just try getting rid of a Windows folder or a program…another mess!

The litl does not have a harddrive. Everything you need is stored on the internet. There is no CD or DVD drive only a USB port, a place to plug in an HDMI cable, and a power button. No software to install, either.

From the litl website, here’s a description of the litl:

We love the web. It’s full of useful stuff, and it’s a great way to connect with friends and family. But we hate computers. At least the mainstream ones that we’ve been using. They’re unnecessarily complex for everyday tasks like browsing and checking email. So we hit the reset button by designing a first-of-its-kind computer that lets you enjoy the web without worrying about anything else.

With the webbook, you can do everything you can normally do with a web browser, and you can use the litl’s apps for a new way to experience the Internet. Carry the webbook around the house to

  • Watch your favorite TV shows and movies
  • Listen to music, talk radio, and podcasts
  • Check email, news, and weather
  • View and share photos
  • Look up and use new recipes

litl computer,webbook,wireless computer,cloud computingWe also flipped traditional hardware design on its head to make it easier to use. You can bend the webbook over into an easel for a more TV-like viewing experience. When you’re not actively using it, set the webbook on your desk, or counter to stream news headlines and photos. You can even connect it to a big-screen TV.

Best of all, we built the webbook as a computer without all the computery stuff – it just works. We packed the webbook with intuitive software that takes care of all maintenance, automatically and free of charge.

How does it work?

Using wifi, the webbook accesses all your content over the Internet — that means that you store your documents, music, emails, and photos, online where you can access them from the webbook or any other computer. No more worrying about hard drive crashes and data recovery — let your web services handle that for you.

You’ll also never see a pop-up about your virus protection being out of date, or a missing security patch required. The webbook automatically takes care of system updates, patches, and virus protection and even sends you new features and upgrades. Just leave your webbook plugged in overnight, and we do the rest.

Oooo, I almost forgot! I have a deal for you to use to get your own litl computer! Go to litl.com/momdeal by July 1, 2010, to get $100 off a litl webbook! Oh and did I mention that the litl deal includes FREE shipping and a FREE remote!

I was invited to attend the Silicon Valley Moms Blog Brand/Blogger Symposium. I won a litl as part of a drawing. The views expressed in this article are my own.

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