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Pens and pencils in pencil cupHere’s the thing. I need to admit something. I need to come clean. Breathe. I am HORRIBLE at self-promotion. There I said it. I don’t promote my posts…sponsored and not…on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and even Google+. I just don’t. I am a bad blogger. I am a bad PR person. If I won’t promote my writing, who will? If I am not willing to do what is needed to get “eyes” on my work, who will? I need to be my own PR person. Don’t worry…I won’t OVER PROMOTE. I won’t spam you with emails, except for my email to newsletter subscribers. Hey, are you getting my email newsletter?  I’d hate for you to miss out! Sign up here. See how I promoted myself. Maybe there is hope for me yet!

One of the reasons why I need to promote myself is my writing. That’s right, I not only write on this blog, but I write at a few other places. My focus on Musings from Me is parenting, family, entertainment, and travel. I write for three sites where I am all about Baltimore. The site I want to focus on in this blog post is the Baltimore Parenting Tweens Examiner. Lest you think I only focus on tweens. Never fear, I write about kids and teens, too. I’m all about parenting all children…from tots to teens.

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My focus on the Baltimore Parenting Tweens Examiner is all the fun activities for kids in Baltimore. I’m astounded at the number of museums and art galleries for families to be found in Baltimore. I’m a lover of all things for kids. So when I see a fun activity for kids, I always want to tell people all about it. Pre-Facebook I was the person who told (or emailed) friends about a science activity or an art program for kids in Baltimore. I like to be in the know as they say. Not much has changed as I write two or three times a week about Baltimore happenings for kids, families, and adults-only events and parties.

So what can I tell you about kids’ activities in Baltimore. I have a Top 4. I tell friends to be sure to visit the Maryland Science Center, B&O Railroad Museum, Port Discovery Children’s Center, and the National Aquarium at Baltimore.

  1. There’s the Maryland Science Center, which is right on the Inner Harbor. There’s a Dino Dig, an IMAX, a Planetarium, fun permanent exhibits, and a rotation of traveling exhibits and events. This weekend the Maryland Science Center is all about dominos! And don’t forget that on the First Friday of each month admission is reduced to $9/person (promotion ends in March). The First Friday admission fee includes access to all permanent exhibits, the Planetarium, and the IMAX Theater. Take it from me the Maryland Science center is good value and fun for all ages. Speaking of science… As a kid, I found science challenging. I struggled with physics, I was baffled by chemistry. I liked biology, but the rote memorization was difficult. It was a dark day indeed when I had to admit that a career in science wasn’t for me. My math wasn’t strong enough either. My children all love science. It’s always fun when I do a science experiment or kit with the kids. My son (like his sisters) has done a Science Fair project since Kindergarten.
  2. For lovers of Thomas the Tank Engine and train travel in general the Baltimore area is home to not one but TWO train museums. The B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore is full of trains old and new, as well as exhibits on train travel through the years. You can catch a train from the B&O Railroad Museum, which is always fun for kids.
  3. For the 10-and-under crowd, Port Discovery Children’s Center is a must-see. This museum has a little of everything…a pretend convenience store and gas station, a mini soccer field, a three-story climbing structure with zipline, and lots of hands-on activities.
  4. Rounding out my Top 4, the National Aquarium at Baltimore.

For more about places to see and do in Baltimore, check out me! I’m the Baltimore Parenting Tweens Examiner!  You can subscribe to my Examiner page as well. Subscribe so you don’t miss anything!

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