Last Legs or Wheels

I drove my husband’s Mercury Mountaineer today. I don’t drive this car often. The bodywork is solid. The electric seats work a treat. The CD player does not work. The radio and speakers are super crackly, but not all the time. The AC is a distant memory. At 13 years old, this car is practically on its last legs…or wheels.

My husband is interested in a hybrid car. My husband is on the lookout for a new car. His Mercury Mountaineer has a stunning 141,000 miles on its 13-year-old frame. That car will not quit!

I never thought he would consider another Ford, but he’s looking at hybrids, like the Ford Fusion.

We were a Ford Family until 2006. My husband’s first car when he was 16, was a Mercury Zephyr followed by a Ford Thunderbird when he was 19. My first major purchase was a Ford Mustang LX in 1988. I was so sad to sell that car when we had our first child, but we needed a family car. The Ford Taurus worked for our family, so we purchased it in 1996. Once we had child #2, a minivan was in order. So we purchased a Ford Windstar in 1999. All was going well for us with the Windstar until our Ford Windstar was placed on the Consumer Reports list of cars not to buy. We had transmission issues and more. We had no choice but to get rid of the car as the car would not have passed the emissions test in MD. We sadly had to look at cars other than Ford. After purchasing 6 Fords or Mercury cars over a 20-year period, our next vehicle was not a Ford, but a Toyota Sienna.

Much as I love the freedom of driving a smaller car than my minivan after driving my husband’s small SUV I couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel of my minivan.

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