— I Want to Play!!!

When my girls were toddlers and “itty bitty ones” there were no games available for them to play. Oh, you could buy CD-ROMs “for Toddlers” but the games were not easy to use. The games required use of a mouse AND good hand eye coordination. If you have been around a baby or a toddler for any length of time you know that babies are quite capable of jabbing  a spoonful of food directly in their eye. I have observed my toddler trip on her own sock.

Toddlers love playing on the computer. Why wouldn’t they? Toddlers watch mom and dad play games on the computer…check e-mail…play with their iphones. The keyboard keys and the mouse are enticing…a toddler wants to bang on the keys.

One dad decided to create a game for his toddler to use. He sketched  out the idea for site and the characters on a plane ride home. Wow! is so much fun. Want to see an actual toddler playing on Kneebouncers? Watch >> Kneebouncers.

Want more games? Go to www.kneebouncers,com

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