It’s Officially My Birthday Event…Seeing the New Iron Man #ironman3 #seizingfamilytime

I have vague memories of new movies…first run movies. Seeing those movies on opening weekend or shortly thereafter. Watching the Oscars and realizing I had seen ALL of the nominated movies. My husband and I would hear about a new movie. One call to our friends and whammo we had a date to see the latest release. We’d line the grandparents up to babysit and we were off to the movies.

Pre-kids and even for a few years post-kids we had a standing Saturday night date once a month to do dinner and a movie with friends or by ourselves. Not so lately. We are lucky if we see one movie a year in the theater. Most movies we see on DVD or through Netflix. Kids’ activities and our work schedules make planning a movie night beyond challenging. There is one exception. My birthday!

On or around my birthday we have historically seen a first run movie. Once we saw a new Imax film at the Udvar Hazy Air and Space Museum in northern Virginia. Last year we saw The Avengers. As an adult, I’ve found that my birthday is squeezed in between all the other stuff going on in our lives. A lighting of the birthday cake. The admiring of the homemade cards from the kids…and that’s about the extent of the birthday celebration for moi. Except for the annual viewing of a first-run movie in the theater!

Tomorrow night we are taking the kids to see Iron Man 3 for my birthday and I couldn’t happier!

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