It’s All Good on the T-Ball Field.

Adventure Boy and Coach Dad — at the photo stand

Obligatory pic of Oriole Bird…unlike some of the kids my son did not kick the Oriole Bird!

Throwing out the first pitch — well, it’s t-ball so there is no pitcher and it was the second inning by the time this pic was taken, but you get the idea. Once an editor, always an editor. I must get my facts right!

On the way home from game — the eyes have it for the coolest team hat!

My son had the greatest time at his first t-ball opening day game. Shall I tell you all about his day?

  1. Woke early, as usual. Girls still snoozing away. He got family room to himself and that is just grand in his book!
  2. Daddy AND Mommy took him to the game while the girls snoozed away.
  3. He got his picture taken by himself…with a bat…while standing on a stool.
  4. He was the tallest in the team photo, which meant he proudly stood in the middle of the team photo. The photog told him to stand on the brown footprints — he stood on the brown foot prints the whole time. Who is this kid who listens to directions and why doesn’t he live in my house??
  5. He played in his first ever game and well….like every other kid out there he threw a ball or two and ran a base or two and had a lot of fun.
  6. There was no snack at the game…I was wondering how this would play out. Little kid – snack at game = meltdown I’m just saying! But, he never noticed. Outstanding!
  7. Our little threesome moseyed back to the concession area to grab lunch.
  8. The day ended with a moonbounce, an obstacle course, and the Oriole Bird.

I had a good day, too. I got to chat to three or four mom friends on the team, and got re-acquainted with a mom and dad I have met at a birthday party for one of the t-ball players. One mom friend I saw this morning after seeing her last night at the Battle of the Books. Our 10-year-olds were team members in the Battle of the Books. I’ll post about this school event — an “Olympic”-like opening procession of “reader” athletes, county dignitaries, many questions about books read, and a chance to turn someone else on to the wonders of twitter!

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