C-Sections: 5 Years Later

I posted recently on my first c-section in 1996. The c-section was unexpected. Do I have regrets? Not really. Do I wish I had natural childbirth? Not really, because I feel strongly that I was meant to have a c-section. Three c-sections. You see I had no progession of labor at all — all three times. So, I needed 3 c-sections; one unplanned and two scheduled. Bottom line: I have 3 healthy babies and a very ugly scar. Not a bad trace-off.

So, a couple of weeks ago I answered a twitter request from @mamasblog for experiences of moms who had a c-section 5 years or more ago. She planned on writing a post on c-sections 5 years later. Her question was a total “me” question, so I answered. Here’s @mamasblog’s first_post on her experience 5 years on…

and her second_post_on_our_experiences.

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