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During volleyball season… Saturdays are a day and a half long. Husband gets up early to get one to volleyball. I take two children to volleyball to watch their sister. But, wait the fun continues…

To add to the general hellatiousness of the day we left the volleyball tournament to take Crafty Daughter to a birthday party. Problems:

  • did not know exact start time
  • did know know address of party as we did not have invitation
  • did not know if kids were going to mall as scheduled
  • did not have coupons for mall visit

Me = not happy. A phone or call gave me details of party. This was good, but we were still late for party due to leaving late and the rain. Yes, it rained all day. The parking lot was a muddy mess — I had to park on the grass…squish. We arrived even later as we had to stop by the house to get coupons that my daughter insisted she needed. Me = wimpy Mom. In a weak moment I agreed to drive a group of girls to the mall since the mom didn’t have enough drivers. Me = pushover. My son was not at all interested in going to the mall so we needed serious bribery.

In times like these music calms the savage beast…uh mommy. And by music I mean any music that I can hear on my kid’s ipod while we drive from hither and thither and yon. Both kids have an ipod cord that connects the ipod to the car stereo system. After I have been driving for a while my selection of CDs becomes a little bit monotonous and I need an infusion of new music.

BTW, do you have an ipod? I’m the lone family member without one. …except for my 6 year old who will probably get one before little ole me!

I was given a chance to test out a few ipod accessories. All I can say is all three were very cool from what I could tell. I hardly saw any of the accessories as my teen too took immediate possession of all three!

DLO JumpStart
DLO Jumpstart·         Portable power pack securely suctions to the back of your iPod or iPhone
 ·         Doubles the battery capacity and fully recharges the iPod or iPhone
 ·         Includes mini-USB sync and charge cables
 ·         Available:  Best Buy
 ·         MSRP:  $59.99
Teen review: Awesome. Useful. Charged her ipod twice. Loves it. Fits on all sizes of ipod (this is great since we have two sizes of ipod in the house).
DLO WallDock
 DLO WallDock·         Safe and secure plug-in charging dock for your iPod and iPhone
·         Turn any outlet into a convenient dock
·         Fast charging: delivers more power for a faster charge
·         Available:  Best Buy
·         MSRP:  $24.99
Teen review: Loves that it is squishy and squeezy. Don’t have to deal with length cord as walldock plus right in to wall. can easily carry in purse for charging on the go.
DLO ActionClip
DLO ActionClip– Slender and sturdy clip for the back of your iPod Nano
 – Easily attach it to your belt, pocket or bagstrap to keep your music close by
 – Includes adjustable armband for secure and easy access when working out
 – Available:  Best Buy
 – MSRP:  $19.99
Teen review: Loves the shape.

I have a giveaway if you are interested! I will be giving away one of these ipod accessories to a lucky Musings from Me reader. I’m not sure which one — exact details to follow!

Giveaway for Musings from Me readers! One comment = one entry. Enter now!  

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I was given the ipod accessories for review. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. Giveaway ends December 24 at 11:59 p.m.

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