In My House I Am Typhoid Mary…Are You?

I’m not a carrier for disease. I haven’t had the plague. I stay healthy year round. But, I can make a computer sick in minutes. Seriously.

I know just enough about computers to do the following:

  • send an e-mail
  • tweet
  • post to Facebook
  • write a blog post
  • find my stats
  • research a topic
  • work in google docs
  • manage multiple e-mail, twitter, and Facebook accounts — not a computer skill exactly, but I handle it.

but I also know enough to

  • get the “Not Responding” button daily
  • get the dreaded blue screen of death
  • be unable to turn a computer on when other family members have no problem
  • lose data or an e-mail or a blogpost for no reason whatsoever
  • forget my password or screenname or security question

That’s the problem my skills are limited. I can’t change the design of my blog for instance. If you take a decade off from reading this blog, my blog’s header will be the same. Comforting, really!

I have sparks now and again when I do something so techie that I am shocked. To the core. I created a code. Several codes in fact. Codes that work on my blog. Two ads and a button, to be precise.

After I wrote the code in a somewhat trial-and-error, blind leading the blind fashion and installed the code on my blog, I clicked the button. I. Was. Astounded. Absolutely astounded when I saw the landing page. The buttons actually click through to where I wanted them to click through to. Shocker.

So, are you #techie or #notatechie?

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