Holiday Gift Guide: Mythbusters’ Science of Sports

Mythbusters Science of SportsWith two older sisters, my son is always intrigued by the Science Fair projects that the girls choose to do. From the time he was barely walking he has wanted to do whatever it was that they were doing. He would gladly have crawled on the bus with them each day. Was my conversation and company during the day so dull? No. School for my son was an oasis of fun. He envisioned that the girls played all day and ate lunch and rode the school bus and played some more. Oh and did science experiments.

I’m not science-y. I’m an English major through and through. I let the children do science experiments. Although I use the word “science” in the loosest possible sense. Science can mean anything from watching ice melt to mixing colors to spraying a hose to you name it…if it changes shape or color or moves then it is a science experiment.

My son was a ready willing and able tester for the GIDDY UP™ Mythbusters Science of Sports Kit. He started the kit after the neighborhood Halloween parade and party. I was exhausted from…well I am not sure what I did except stand around and chat and nibble snacks, but by golly I was exhausted. He spent the 4 hours we were at the party bouncing in the moonbounce. No way would he admit to being tired. No way. So…

…he tested out the Mythbusters Science of Sports Kit.

From the website…

There will be lots of variables to test in the myths Jamie and Adam included in this kit, which try to prove some of the crazy stories the guys have heard about sports. It might seem that the outcome in sports comes down to which team has the most luck or which athlete has the most talent. And sure, both of those things are important. But science plays a major role in sports as well. You couldn’t score a goal or hit a home run or throw a touchdown without it. What do you think will happen when we start using our brains and not just our muscles?

Includes string, mallet, ping-pong ball, baseball, rubber ball, chart, sticker sheet, marker, clear tube, face paint, stick, activity guide.

He loved the kit. He measured the bounciness of balls. Calculate how high a ball would bounce. And much more.

Giddyup Kits can be purchased from Toys R Us, Discovery Store, and my personal favorite…amazon.

I was sent the kit for review. The views expressed in this post are my own.

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