TRAVEL: Hotel, Food, and Travel: Do You Use Airbnb, DoorDash, or Uber?

I always thought I was a Baby Boomer. I was convinced I was a Baby Boomer. As was Dad Knows Better. I knew my parents and father-in-law were the Silent Generation (1928-1945). My oldest child is an older Millennial (1981-1996), but identifies as Generation Z. My middle child and youngest child are Generation Z (1997-2012). About 10 years ago, I realized that I am actually Generation X (1965-1980) NOT a Baby Boomer! Wow! What generation are you?

According to Pew Research, the generations are:

  • The Greatest Generation (Born 1901-1924)
  • Silent Generation (Born 1928-1945)
  • Baby Boomers (Born 1946-1964)
  • Generation X (Born 1965-1980)
  • Millennials…also known as Generation Y (Born 1981-1996)
  • Generation Z (Born 1997-2012)
  • Generation Alpha (Born 2013-2025)

My middle child spent a week with us last month. She moved out last summer to an apartment, but needed our help after she had foot surgery so stayed with us for a week. We were thrilled to host her!

My daughter was a very specific guest at the MusingsfromMe Airbnb! I have joked that if I list my home on Airbnb, I will only allow my three kids to rent rooms! Since I don’t charge rent, I would not be a very successful Airbnb host! I also offer “BedDash,” a DoorDash only for Airbnb guests living in my home. Again, I offer free food. Dad Knows Better offers free Uber service to our very specific Airbnb guests. He also offers airport pickups, taking car to the dealer for service, and moving services to our kids!

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