Focus on What Matters Most as You Drive with the Safely Go App

Safely Go Available on Google Play: Focus on what matters most when you drive…the road

You’re driving to pick up your kids. Enjoying the last moments of relative quiet before the kids pile in the car. And you hear a beep. Is it the radio? Or is it a police car? Instinctively you reached for your purse. Sure that the beeping is the new ringtone on your phone. When you think “Hey, I shouldn’t be using a phone while driving!”

It would be so easy to reach in to your purse, grab the phone, and read that text or answer that call. But, pulling out your phone wouldn’t be safe. You need to keep your eyes on the road. That call or text can wait.

I drive a multitude of car pools ferrying my kids and other kids hither, thither, and yon, and it is amazing how many tweaks and changes to the driving routine occur each day. But, I don’t answer these calls or texts while driving. If my children are in the car with me, I will often ask one of them to answer the call for me or respond to the text. Since I drive alone for most of the day, a new app has become my go-to app to stay safe on the road.

Safely Go allows me:

  • to keep my eyes where they should be when I’m driving–on the road.
  • to keep me present in situations where “being present” is vital. For instance, when I’m with at a family celebration, or in an important meeting.

The Safely Go Verizon Lock Screen

The manual lock mode and auto-reply feature on Safely Go allows me to be “digitally well.” Safely Go wants me to be in control of my phone, not the other way around. And I like that.

Driving busy roads at rush hour requires every ounce of my concentration. As much as I want to know about all texts and calls, I cannot answer them while I am driving. Safely Go receives my calls and texts while I can focus on driving.

With Safely Go, you can:
  • Allows only calls and texts only from your 3 “VIP Contacts” (like your family or boss).
  • Tells everyone else you’re on the road and driving safely, through automatic text replies.
  • Enables calls through your Bluetooth or other hands-free device.
  • Gives you access only to your top 3 “Driving Apps” (like maps, navigation, or music).

You can download Safely Go for free today at Google Play and try it out. Safely Go was easy to download on to my Verizon phone. All the carrier-branded products offer a free trial period, so you can check those out, as well, if you are with AT&T — AT&T FamilyMap, Sprint — Sprint Drive First, or T-Mobile — T-Mobile Drive.

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